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Located in the footsteps of the mount Sabalan, Ardabil is famous for its mild climate in the summer, hot springs, and honey and cream. Here is nice mixture of relaxing spas, wonderful nature, historical sites and food made by great local meat and dairy products. You can even stay with nomad around the city of Khal khal.

The best time to visit Ardabil is around beginning or end of summer and you can easily spend 2 to 3 days here to relax and discover the nature.

Most recommended attractions of Ardabil:

  1. Heyran passage

In your way from Rasht to Ardabil, after the city of Astra the road goes through beautiful mountains covered with the rain forests. Most of the time you will even go above the clouds to reach to the top of the pass. Make sure to stop in one of tent like bistros to enjoy the amazing view while having a local specialty “Ash-e Dough” a tick soup made with rice and yoghurt or simply have scrambled chicken and eggs known as “Chegertma”. Grilled soft corns are also a popular snack along the road.

Heyran passage

Heyran passage


  1. Sheikh Safi al-din Shrine

Sheikh Safi al-Din was the founder of Safavid dynasty. This place is tomb of several Safavid kings and Sufi masters. Among the highlights of this complex includes “Chini khaneh” where many decorated pottery pieces are exhibited inside a dome.

Sheikh Safi al-Din shrine

Sheikh Safi al-Din shrine


  1. Sarein

This town is famous for its hot springs which are originated from “Sabalan” a volcanic mountain. Sarein is located around 50 Km from Ardabil and easily accessible by public transport. A night stay here is highly recommended and for breakfast you can try the local honey and cream with the traditional bread called “Fatir”.

Food shops in Sarein

Food shops in Sarein


Things to enjoy in Ardabil

Ash-e dough is a tick soup made from yogurt and rice. It has an unfamiliar but interesting taste. You must also try different types of kebabs in this region. They have very good quality as they normally made from local meat. A traditional stew made by local lamb and almonds is called Pichaghe ghime. It might be a bit hard to find it in restaurants but it worth the effort. A breakfast with local honey and cream is also a must.

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